(Watch) Trump Supporter Loves the Job the President is Doing and his War with the Dinosaur Media

Trump Cuts U.S. Debt by $12 Billion in his First Month in Office
This Trump Supporter Loves the Job President Trump is Doing

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(Watch) Finally Again We Have a President & First Lady That Doesn’t Bow to a Saudi King

Dignified! President & Mrs Donald Trump Meet Saudi King Salman

This is How a Confident & Strong First Lady of the United States
Greets Saudi King Salman – Image Courtesy: Females For Tump

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama Bowed to Saudi King Abdullah

Harvard Study: More Than 90% of President Trump Coverage on CNN, NBC, CBS Was Negative During First 100 Days


Read the Full Report from Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center

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President Trump’s Tweet of the Day


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The Donald Trump Commercial That Lying CNN Fake News Didn’t Want You To See

(Watch) Berkeley Professor Says That Everyone Supporting Donald Trump May Be a Nazi

(Video) My President Donald J Trump’s First 100 Days

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(Video) All About Federal Pork: Who Is More Responsible At Spending Your Money?

President Donald Trump Awards Purple Heart to American Hero Alvaro Barrietos at Walter Reed

You Can Now Vote On How To Reorganize the Federal Government

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