(Watch) Finally Again We Have a President & First Lady That Doesn’t Bow to a Saudi King

Dignified! President & Mrs Donald Trump Meet Saudi King Salman

This is How a Confident & Strong First Lady of the United States
Greets Saudi King Salman – Image Courtesy: Females For Tump

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama Bowed to Saudi King Abdullah

Harvard Study: More Than 90% of President Trump Coverage on CNN, NBC, CBS Was Negative During First 100 Days


Read the Full Report from Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center

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Plagiarism: MAD Magazine Slams TIME For Ripping Off St. Basil’s White House Cover

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(Watch) Liz Wheeler: We Finally Have Proof of Inappropriate Financial Dealings With Russia

(Watch) Liz Wheeler: What the MSM Won’t Tell You About the Comey Memo

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(Watch) Loony Lib Windbag Goes Berserk When She Sees a Rug

Contrary To Evidence ABC News Chief Analyst Claims Muslim Persecution Bigger Problem Than Christian Persecution

United Airlines Makes Passenger Relieve Herself In a Cup

United Airlines: Making Your Travel Experience Something You’d Rather Forget

VIA: Nicole Harper@Facebook

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(Watch) Maxine Waters Flip-Flops on Comey Firing

President Trump’s Tweet of the Day


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